End of Life Process for Deprecated Versions of Products

As we continue to build and improve upon Tanium's products, we want to ensure that we're providing clear communication on how we support their upgrade path, and when we determine that versions of software have reached end of life.

When we release a major version update for a Tanium product module - such as moving from 1.x to 2.x - all subsequent bug fixes and feature enhancements are delivered through releases of that new version. In doing so, we also categorize older versions of our products as end of life. These prior versions will only receive emergency security or bug fixes when deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Since 2017, the following Tanium products have moved to new major versions:

  • Trends (updated to 2.x in May 2018)
  • IOC Detect (updated to Detect 3.x in October 2017)
  • Incident Response (updated to 4.x in August 2017)
  • Index (updated to 2.x in June 2017)

Customers still using prior versions of these products should upgrade to the current release to benefit from our continued investment in improving their features, stability, and performance. We encourage you to work with your TAMs to ensure a smooth update process.

Upon future major product updates, we will include a notice summarizing this policy on Tanium's support site and in the affected product's release notes.

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