Tanium 6.x: Audit Logging

Platform Auditing

Console User Log-in History

Administration ⇒ Users
Last Login for all users as well as User Roles/Group Rights

Global Settings

Administration ⇒ Global Settings
Gives all core global configs and last mod/modified by info…

Question/Query Auditing

Question Logging

Administration ⇒ Question Log
Traces questions to Users, includes time stamps

Saved Question Modifications

Authoring ⇒ Saved Questions
Includes Last Mod and Modified by info

Sensor Modifications

Authoring ⇒ Sensors
Includes last modified and modified by info for each sensor

Action/Management Auditing

Action History

Actions ⇒ Action History
Gives History of packages issued, User who issued it, and parameters associated with the push including Target endpoints and Target Computer Groups

Package Modifications

Authoring ⇒ Packages
Includes Last Modified and Modified By info for each package
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