Meltdown-Spectre Content (1.0.1) has been released 

The new version of Meltdown-Spectre Content (1.0.1) is now available through Tanium Labs or your TAM.


Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerability Management

Release Date: January 16, 2018



  • Added Meltdown / Spectre Utilities Tools Package, along with associated sensor, question, and saved action
  • Updated to "Meltdown Spectre Vulnerability" and "Speculation Control" to latest tests supplied by Microsoft
  • Updated to use 64-bit PowerShell on 64-bit endpoints


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with running PowerShell sensors on endpoints with no PowerShell or PowerShell Versions < 2.0
  • Resolved issue with incorrect results from Windows 10 64-bit endpoints


Additional Information

  • With this update, the "Meltdown Spectre Vulnerability" and "Speculation Control" sensors will not return results until the new utility package is deployed to Windows endpoints.


The Full Release notes can be obtained here:

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