Tanium Weekly Release Update - December 9th, 2016

Tanium Trends 1.0.0

Tanium is excited to announce the general availability of Trends 1.0.

Included as part of Tanium Core Platform, Trends empowers Tanium users to visualize, monitor, and communicate the true state of their security and operations health.

Highlights include:

  • Improve overall security and operations with faster time to insights, and ability to visualize, pivot and take action in the same workflow.
    • Use current and historical data visualizations, and responsive drill down capabilities to find and understand security and IT issues.
    • Pivot to take action in context to instantly remediate problems and reduce risk.
    • Reduce time to insight utilizing out-of-the-box Trend boards and minimize investment in third-party analytics software and infrastructure.
  • Communicate key IT and security metrics to stakeholders faster using customizable executive dashboards.
    • Create Trend boards that continuously measure meaningful IT and security metrics.
    • Communicate progress on key metrics, and return on technology investments across the organization faster using powerful visualizations.

It is important to note that Trends requires Tanium Server 7.0.314.6085 or higher and Tanium Connect or higher.  

It is also recommended to use Tanium Client 6.0.314.1540 or higher to improve reporting of recent results from machines that are not currently online.

For additional information, please refer to the 1.0.0 Release Notes and the Trends User Guide.


Tanium Connect 4.0.1

Tanium has released a minor update to Connect in order to address issues experienced by customers upgrading from 3.x and to address minor bugs.

For a list of changes, please visit the 4.0.1 Release Notes.


Tanium Index 1.4.3

Tanium has released a minor update to Index in order to add enhancements and bug fixes that improve the initial indexing behavior and handling of file locks.

For a list of changes, please visit the 1.4.3 Release Notes.


Additional Notes:
Tanium has also updated the Tanium AirGap Utility to incorporate the releases noted above.

Contact your Technical Account Manager if you have additional questions.

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