Tanium Weekly Release Update - November 17th, 2016

Initial Content 6.5.8

Tanium has released an update to Initial Content to remove a sensor, Processes Using Module, that could cause high CPU utilization in some circumstances. Installing the new version of Initial Content will not delete the sensor from existing installations, so it is recommended that customers manually delete this sensor from production servers.

For a list of changes, please visit the 6.5.8 Release Notes.

Please note that updating Initial Content should be performed carefully as it can update dependencies of customizations performed in customer environments. Tanium provides an instructional guide in the Content Upgrade article of our Knowledge Base.


Tanium Comply 1.2.0

Tanium has released a significant update to Tanium Comply in order to deliver support for vulnerability scanning, enhance the setup and management experience, and deliver miscellaneous other improvements and bug fixes.

For a list of changes, please visit the 1.2.0 Release Notes.


Tanium Trace 1.2.7

Tanium has released an update to Tanium Trace in order to improve the Trace websocket client and address miscellaneous bug fixes.

For a list of changes, please visit the 1.2.7 Release Notes.


Tanium Labs - Windows 10 Compatibility 1.0.0001

Tanium is excited to introduce a Tanium Labs solution to enable customers to evaluate their environment for readiness to upgrade to Windows 10 and its associated capabilities.

More information on this Labs offering can be found at the Windows 10 Compatibility Overview.

For a list of changes, please visit the 1.0.0001 Release Notes.

Additional Notes:
Tanium has also updated the Tanium AirGap Utility to incorporate the releases noted above.

Contact your Technical Account Manager if you have additional questions.

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