Technical Advisory: Package Issue and Windows Security Patch Management Release - 2.2.0

An issue with the Windows Security Patch Management solution has been identified that can result in the "cab-file-manager" package containing many copies of the Offline CAB file. In rare cases the size of this package can result in degraded performance of the Tanium server.

Affected Customers
Customers using Windows Security Patch Management solution 2.2.0 may be impacted by this issue. Customers using previous versions of Windows Security Patch Management are not impacted.

Customers using Windows Security Patch Management 2.2.0 are advised to upgrade as quickly as possible to version that is now available for download from the Solutions page of the Tanium Console. Importing version 2.2.1 will clean up affected packages and prevent this issue from recurring. For a complete list of changes, please visit the Patch Release Notes.

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