New Tanium Documentation Portal

Tanium platform and product documentation is now available at

The portal replaces some of the content that was previously hosted on the Tanium Knowledge Base. Where applicable, the existing knowledge base articles were updated with a link to the associated page in the new portal.

The new documentation portal contains installation and user guides for Tanium Core Platform 7.0, and the latest versions of Tanium Interact, Tanium Comply, Tanium Connect, Tanium Discover, Tanium IOC Detect, Tanium Incident Response, Tanium Patch, Tanium Protect, and Tanium Trace.


Searching the documentation

You can search all of the documentation from the home page of the portal, or within an individual guide.


PDF format

PDFs are available for the current version and previously released version of each guide, if applicable.



If you have any questions, you can contact the documentation team directly at, or ask contact your Technical Account Manager.

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