Ticket Severity

Sev1. Tanium Server or product is non-functional or impacting business operations. 

Example(s): Tanium Server service is offline and will not start. Tanium component is consuming too much server or network resources and is hindering the use of the network or other machines on the network.

Sev2. Tanium Server or product is non-functional for some use cases but is not impacting business operations.

Example(s): Patches are not being installed. Indicator of Compromise searches are not completing.

Sev3. Tanium Server or product is functioning but not operating at an optimal level.

Example(s): Question results are taking significantly longer to load than previously experienced. There is a problem occurring on a single endpoint or a small subset of endpoints.

Example(s): You have general questions, training questions, or want to know how to build a Sensor or Package.

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