Tanium Labs Release - Python Interpreter, Python Core Libraries, and Python Example Content

Tanium is excited to preview support for Python in the Tanium Client as a language option for Sensors and Packages.

This release consists of three solutions:

Python Content Preview - Three simple Sensors (process, network, and file hash related) which demonstrate usage of the Python Core Libraries and Python Interpreter. Each sensor name starts with 'PY-'

Python Core Libraries - A set of importable Python modules which make it easier to develop Python content for Tanium. For information on developing content, see: Python Interpreter for Tanium Client FAQ and Authoring Guide

Python Interpreter for Tanium Client - A standard CPython 2.7 distribution which Tanium Clients will use to execute Python sensors. Includes the win32 extensions on Windows platforms. MacOS, Linux, and Windows are supported. The installation guide is available here: Python Interpreter for Tanium Client Installation Guide

These Solutions are available from the Tanium Labs section in the Solutions page of the Tanium Console. Note that these solutions require a 7.0 or later Tanium Server licensed for Labs content, a 6.0 or later version of the MacOS Tanium Client, and 6.0.314.1195 or later Windows client. We do not currently recommend deployment of these Labs Solutions to your production Tanium environment.

We are eager to hear feedback from customers that are interested in taking advantage of Python. Please engage your Technical Account Manager with any additional questions or assistance accessing Tanium Labs.

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