Tanium Comply Release - 1.0.0

Tanium is pleased to announce the initial release of Tanium Comply. Tanium Comply allows customers to evaluate configuration compliance against standard security benchmarks to improve overall security hygiene.

Key Features

  • Tanium Comply provides proactive security configuration compliance leveraging CIS benchmarks
  • Deploy and install compliance tools in minutes and measure results at enterprise scale in seconds; flexibly target compliance benchmarks at dynamic groups of endpoints
  • Support regulatory compliance requirements -- such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX -- using accurate real-time results rather than weeks-old data
  • Tailor, customize, and expand security benchmark coverage with easy to create Tanium actions to support the unique requirements of your organization
  • Use Tanium Connect to feed Tanium Comply's security compliance data to GRC or SIEM tools

If you have any questions about the features in this release or how to get access to Tanium Comply, please contact your Tanium Technical Account Manager for assistance or reach out to support@tanium.com.

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