Tanium Server Releases - 6.2.314.3321 and 6.5.314.4268

Tanium is pleased to announce that updates to versions 6.2.314.3321 and 6.5.314.4268 of the Tanium Server are now available for all customers.

Key features in this release:

  • Reduced Tanium Server commit size and peak working set by updating TBB memory allocator library to version 4.3 Update 6.
  • Decreased memory usage of the Tanium Server through string cache optimization.
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.1p.

For additional information on features and bug fixes, please see the Release Notes:
Version 6.2 Release Notes - https://kb.tanium.com/Release_Notes_(Version_6.2.314.3321)
Version 6.5 Release Notes - https://kb.tanium.com/Release_Notes_(Version_6.5.314.4268)

Please contact your Technical Account Manager to upgrade.

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