Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability

On May 1st, Microsoft released and out of band security update (MS14-021) to fix a zero day vulnerability that is actively being exploited in versions 6 through 11 of Internet Explorer. This includes a release for Windows XP despite the Operating System being past the end of life support date.

Your Tanium server should have automatically obtained the update definition and distrbuted it out to the endpoints. To see which endpoints in your deployment require this update, you can navigate to the Windows OS Patch Management dashboard:

Note: You may see several different entries for MS14-021 to cover various Operating Systems.

To deploy the update from this screen, you can select any number of rows and click on “Deploy Action.” It will default to the Windows Patch Deployment action and you can click “Continue” for immediate action, or schedule it as needed with the options on the right hand side.

If you do not see the update in your console, or the results do not match your expectation, please contact your TAM or send a note to

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