Tanium 6.x: Dashboard Group Visibility


By default, new Dashboard Groups are visible to all console users; however, Tanium console users with either the Administrator or Content Administrator role can modify the visibility of Dashboard Groups to limit access to the associated Dashboards to only Tanium Administrators or to the members of designated User Groups.

Editing Visibility

  1. To define or update the visibility permissions of a Dashboard Group, log in to the Tanium Console as either an Administrator or Content Administrator.
  2. Navigate to AuthoringDashboards.
  3. In the list of Dashboard Groups on the left, locate the link "edit visibility" above the listing of Dashboards in each Dashboard Group as illustrated by the green arrow in the following screenshot:
    Dashboard Group "edit visibility" link to launch security dialog.
  4. Click the "edit visibility" link. The dialog "Edit Dashboard Group Visibility: Security" opens.
  5. Select the desired visibility permission set:
    • Available to only Administrators
    • Available to all users
    • Available to specific User Groups—multiple User Groups selected will result in the Dashboard Group being visible to a member of any of the groups.
    The dialog "Edit Dashboard Group Visibility: Security" to control viewing permissions.


  1. Choose to make a Dashboard Group visible to only members of a particular User Group.
  2. Log in as a member of the group to see that the Dashboard Group is visible.
  3. Then login as an Operator which is not a member of the User group and see that the Dashboard Group is not visible.


Restricting Visibility is not necessarily the same as restricting which Sensors can be used—though can be quite similar if the User being shown a specific set of Dashboard Groups is a Read-Only user and cannot ask arbitrary Questions. 

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