Tanium 6.x: Logging into the Console

You can launch the Tanium Console from any Adobe Flash enabled browser using a URL with the server's IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) as shown in the examples below:

Server Address Communication Port URL to Launch Console 443 9443
tanium.organization.com 443 https://tanium.organization.com
tanium.organization.com 9443 https://tanium.organization.com:9443

You can log into the Tanium Console using a local account on the Tanium server or, more commonly, your Active Directory account.

The Tanium Console login screen
Note: You may need to enter your credentials in the form DomainName\UserName.

If console log in fails and you see an error that the username is not found in the database, contact your Tanium administrator to have your account added.

See Troubleshooting Console Login for additional steps to resolve failed login attempts.

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