Tanium 6.x: Console Home Tab

The Tanium Console Interface

Upon successful login, the Tanium Console presents the Home tab to an operator. This default view is shared by all Tanium operators. Depending on any customization already performed by your organization's Tanium administrator, your console view may not look exactly the same as the example below: 



    1. At the top of the Console Home page is an input field labeled "Ask a Question" where operators type in the questions for Tanium to answer.
    2. To the right of the "Ask a Question" prompt are two buttons labeled "PREFERENCES" and "LOGOUT"
      • The "PREFERENCES" button allows an operator to change some of the default Tanium Console settings. Any changes are stored on a per-user basis
      • The "LOGOUT" button provides an operator or another user the ability to logout the current user and log back into the console with different credentials, but without having to close the browser session first. Hovering the mouse pointer over the "LOGOUT" button will also display the User ID of the currently logged in operator, which is important to know when a user has more than one login User ID.
    3. Directly below are four tabs: HomeActionsAuthoring, and Administration, some of which may not be visible to all operators depending on an operator’s Role.
    4. The red boxes that fill the remainder of the page are Dashboard Groups which enable a console user to combine related Dashboards into a logical arrangement
    5. Each item listed within a Dashboard Group is a link to launch the associated DashboardDashboards enable a user to ask any number of related saved questions with a single click. The results from each question will be displayed in a separate Answer Grid within the Dashboard as shown in the screenshot below:
  1. If a scroll bar appears on the right of the console's Home tab, scrolling forward will reveal additional Dashboard Groups that are currently out of view
  2. Likewise, if a scroll bar appears to the right of a Dashboard list, scrolling forward will reveal additional Dashboards that are currently out of view
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