Tanium 6.x: Dashboards and Dashboard Groups

Dashboards should be considered heads up views of different information in an environment. A carefully crafted saved question can make it into a carefully crafted dashboard, and that dashboard could have real meaning to anyone from folks looking at a big screen in the SOC to a service desk operator trying to fix issues before their fellow employees even notice them.

Creating or Editing a Dashboard

  1. To create or modify dashboards, login to the Tanium Console as an Administrator or Content Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Authoring⇒Dashboards
  3. lick the Add New Dashboard…+ link in the upper right. The 'Create New Dashboard' dialog appears:


  4. Drag the desired queries from the 'Available Questions' list on the left to the 'Dashboard Questions' list on the right
    Note: Only questions you created or questions that already exist on a publicly visible Dashboard within a publicly visible Dashboard group appear in the 'Available Question' list.
  5. Likewise, to remove a question from a dashboard, drag it back to the 'Available Question' list
  6. Let the Dashboard Group visibility default to being visible to all users or deselect that option to set the level of visibility to yourself for a personal dashboard.
  7. You can filter entire dashboards based on already-created computer groups (Administration⇒Computer Groups tab).
  8. Press Save to complete the process.
  9. Once you've created the dashboard, it is visible in the Authoring⇒Dashboards list.
  10. To load the dashboard, locate it by scrolling through the list of dashboards or using the text filter box at the top and then select it
  11. Press Load at the bottom of the console. The dashboard appears with four Answer Grids, one for each saved question.
    • Maximizing the Tanium Console causes the saved questions to arrange their output into four boxes and, because of the screen size in this case, there is no scrolling.
    • Shrinking the window will cause the saved questions to arrange themselves for a different window size.

    Like all Answer Grids, Saved Questions and Dashboards will refresh every 5 seconds if the question is considered complete. If it is not complete, the console will update the Answer Grid with new answers every second. As with all questions, you can press the Refresh Question icon next to the Saved Question’s name to reissue the question to clients.


    The dashboard also shows up in the Other Dashboards Group on the Home tab. Uncategorized dashboards are easily accessible here.


Managing Dashboard Groups

To manage Dashboard Groups located on the Home tab:

  1. Navigate to Authoring⇒Dashboards. The Dashboard Groups are presented on the left side.
  2. To remove an existing dashboard group, choose the group so its border is highlighted and press the '-' button.
  3. To create a new Dashboard Group, press the '+' button. The new Dashboard Group appears at the bottom of the list with the name 'Title'.
  4. To edit the name of the group, highlight the existing text and overtype it with the intended name.
  5. Click the icon to browse for an alternate image, if desired.
    • The icon file must be at most 8Kb and can be any size, as it will be resized to 30 x 30 pixels.
    • The icon does not need to be monochrome, but should have a transparent background
  6. Once you've named the group and optionally selected a new icon, drag the dashboards from the list in the right side pane into the new Dashboard Group.
  7. You can reorder the Dashboard Groups by choosing a group and dragging it up or down.
  8. When the content, icon, and grouping are complete for all Dashboard Groups, press Save Changes at the bottom.

Exporting a Saved Question, a Dashboard, or a Dashboard Group will save the definition of the item in an XML format, including an export of all related Sensors and Packages as well. You can edit and reimport these xml files, save them as part of a rudimentary backup procedure, or share them with Tanium and other Tanium users.

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