Tanium 6.x: Creating Packages

In response to the Dropbox question from earlier, we can create a simple Package for use in an Action that will stop Dropbox whenever it is found to be running. To start, navigate to AuthoringPackages, and click the Add New Package link in the upper right.


The Package being created has no files to distribute and simply runs as if it’s a command entered on the client machine’s command line interpreter at a high privilege level.


The Command box has a command that will kill dropbox, and there is a 2 minute timeout of the command, which is quite generous for this example, as it should be done ending that task well before then. If you have an action that requires a longer timeframe, you can increase the Command Timeout field. See the Action Expiration page for additional considerations regarding the Command Timeout.

To create packages that require source files, use the "Add Local Files…" button and browse. Tanium can insert multiple files at once, but not folder structures. Contact Tanium if you require entire folder structures to be distributed, as there is a solution here that is not covered in the Console User Guide. You may also add files from a URL which the Tanium Server will retrieve and distribute to the clients. All the files related to packaging are stored in a subdirectory of the Tanium Server directory. Added files which are uploaded are automatically hashed via SHA-256, and downloaded files specified as URLs should have their hash values pre-specified by using a client-side hashing utility.

Special Package Types

There are two special types of Packages to consider.

Packages with Sourced Sensors

Packages can take Sensor input to dynamically change values Packages with Sourced Sensors.

Packages which take Parameters at RunTime

Packages can take parameters from users at run time here.

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