Tanium 6.x: User groups


User Groups are a way to apply restrictions to groups of Tanium Console users.

User Group Creation

Tanium Console Administrators can create User Groups to restrict visibility of Dashboards and Scheduled Actions within Action Groups.

To create a User Group:

  1. Login to the Tanium Console as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to AdministrationUsers.
  3. Click the "Add New User Group+" link, as highlighted in the picture below. The "Create New User Group" dialog appears.
  4. Enter a name for the new User Group and press Save:
  5. The new User Group will appear above the list of users:

    Adding Users to a User Group

    To add a console user to the User Group:

    1. Drag the user from the list into the Folder.
    2. When the red circle with a minus next to the mouse pointer transitions to a green circle with a plus, the selection is properly positioned to be dropped into the target group: 

    3. After the user is dropped into the folder, the User Group member list updates to include the new user:

    Editing a User Group

    To modify the name of a User Group or to remove a User from a User Group:

    1. Press the Pencil icon in the corner of the User Group icon.
    2. Edit the User Group name field or use the Trash Can icon to delete a user from the Group:

    Application of User Groups

    User Groups are a useful way to restrict Dashboard Group Visibility of groups of Users.

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